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A Message to Spokespeople for Christian Ministries

It annoys me when Christian charity organizations use guilt tactics to get you to donate. I think people get discouraged when they don't get a lot of turnout. It might even be easy to get offended. "How could anyone with a heart say no to what we're doing?"

There's a lot of hurt and a lot of horrible things happening out there in the world. No one person can fix all wrongs. A single person hardly has any power to fix one wrong. As Christians, we believe that it's the grace and power of God's Spirit that uses people to bring some semblance of order out of the chaos. But when you resort to telling people, "Join this cause and do some real good." You're not relying on God's power to move people's hearts and work through them. You're trying to manipulate the work of the Spirit. And when you do that, you confuse people about what God's calling them to do, for one thing.

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